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Fulfillment through Motherhood

Being a mother is a very special moment. Usually, moments like these are seen as special especially if you are already prepared to embrace the role of motherhood. But for some women, especially those who are more career-oriented, having a child may be a shock for them. As such, these women may find it more difficult to let go of their career once and for all so that they can go full-time with their kids. If you see yourself in this situation, don’t stress out because you are not the only one experiencing this journey for there are other ladies like you and they have lived to tell the tale. If you want to learn more about this, read more here on this site so as to enlighten your troubled mind.

The first thing you need to do is to accept that you now have given birth to a beautiful human being. Let that idea sink in. Acceptance is always the first step in any situation.

Secondly, it is more wise and prudent to embrace your role as a mother wholeheartedly. From hereafter, you need to recognize the fact that your kid comes first above everything else and that includes your social life and work. Your child needs a nurturing mother and it is your duty to fulfil that no matter what the consequences. It does not mean that you have to neglect your job since it is your source of income and without your job you cannot pay for your bills and needs. The only difference you need to see is that if before you have time to spend all of your waking hours on your job alone, this time it is completely different. This time, it is wiser for you to actually do your job for the allotted working hours and spend the rest of your time nurturing your child.

It is absolutely normal for career-focused women to still retain their workaholic attitude, but it is best if you let go of that one step at a time. There are actually studies saying that when a mother dedicates her time fully to their kids during their early years, the child will feel more loved hence they will become good people when they grow up.

In some cases, women still think that they can juggle the duties of being a mom while still being the top working employee but that may lead to a mental and physical breakdown. You can actually focus on your career once your kid can somehow take care of himself.

It is prudent to spend time with your kid while they still let you mother them, nothing beats the fulfillment arising from the happiness of being able to become a mom.