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Benefits of Ginseng

Ginseng is a slow-growing short plant with light colored roots shaped like finders and green oval-shaped leaves. The plant exist in different varieties including American, Korean, Asian among other Ginseng varieties. In particular, American and Asian ginseng are known to contain ingredients that help to increase energy levels, reduce stress and fatigue, lower blood sugars hence helping in control of diabetes. It is also believed to reduce levels of cholesterol and help men with fertility issues. In some of the American states, harvesting of ginseng including the wild is prohibited by law. Some states while declaring the harvesting illegal indicated that the wild American ginseng is an endangered species due to the very high demand compared to the supply. As part of the regulation in some of this states, even the wild ginseng is protected in that only licensed harvesters are allowed to gather ginseng from the forests.

Ginseng contains medicinal value that helps in control of many health conditions hence the much fame and demand. The chemical contained in ginseng known as ginsenosides is known to produce the medicinal value hence making the plant popular.

Wisconsin, one of the cities in America is one of the places where the best quality of ginseng is grown in large scale. Statistics in America show that 95% of the ginseng produced in America is grown in this city and that the farmers there have a wide range of experience with growing ginseng. The growth of ginseng is known to involve extensive hard work as it has to be taken care of unlike other plants that survive much more adversities. Even more, ginseng plants takes a relatively longer time to mature compared to normal plants as it takes on average four years to be harvested. Considering the delicate nature of the ginseng plant, the farmer has to put some extra effort in protecting the plant from excessive heat and cold. Once the roots are harvested, they have to be placed in low temperatures for one to two weeks, later washed and then sorted to remove any unrequired parts. There is a drier used to remove any traces of water from the roots after cleaning and before they are taken to the market.

The end products of these process are sold as either root chips or the grounded powder which can be put in tea and other drinking liquids for the case of chips or used in making of medicinal capsules. It is important to check the logo of Ginseng Board of Wisconsin to ensure that you buy the original ginseng product.Just like in other ordinary companies, customers that want ginseng from the Board of Wisconsin should check out for the company logo when buying the product.

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